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The Modern Wallpaper

While designing Simply Wallpaper we had one goal in mind - deliver the best photos to users around the world for free. We were tired of using the same stock photos that came on our devices, or other apps that tried to deliver quality images. The screens on phones are designed with quality in mind, and now, the backgrounds are too.

The Tribute Tech Team

Simply Wallpaper App is available (and possible) only on Android.

How It Works

Photographers Upload

Anyone can make an account on Simply Wallpaper and upload their images. After a short review process they enter the image pool.

Users Download

After downloading Simply Wallpaper you will be prompted to pick a few categories that interest you and an interval that will determine how often the wallpaper will change.

And Voila

Thats all there is to it, easy, simple, and beautiful. Everytime the background changes the photographer can see that more people are viewing the image, and you get new images on the fly.

Image Review

Every uploaded image must pass our quality standard evaluation to ensure that only the best images are showcased on your phone.


Unlike a social media site that may track every interaction between users, all that we collect are stats regarding photos and categories , our full terms can be found here: Privacy Policy

Variety is the Spice of Life

With image categories ranging from calming nature scenes to bustling cityscapes, there is something for everyone with more categories to be introduced over time.


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